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Sherry & Wesley


We purchased The John Allen House (formerly named Victoria’s B&B) in Feb 2020. Sherry first saw the house in late summer 2019; we were looking for a large, multi-generational family home. We were not looking for a historic home or bed & breakfast specifically. But once you see this house, you never forget it. Every house afterward wasn’t the same, so we had to stretch our plans to include running a B&B and becoming the caretakers of this amazing piece of American history.

Wesley grew up in the Urbana area of Ohio and has lived in this region most of his adult life. He has been a college athlete & professor, a professional MMA fighter, a police officer, and now the owner of a small trucking company. Sherry is from NW Indiana but has lived in Ohio for 20 years. She’s been a business owner, a teacher, an IT project manager, and now a faculty at an online university. Together, we have traveled extensively and look forward to meeting guests from all over the country (and world!).

To prepare for this adventure, we spent about six months exploring the Xenia and Miami Valley area. Our love for the area has only grown over the last four years as we continue to explore and meet new friends. We’ve become involved in the Greene County Historical Society, which has proved invaluable in learning more about the house and Xenia. Wesley returned to school and became an Ordained Minister, now performing wedding ceremonies at JAH. While we’ve been renovating to add a spa and small events, Xenia has been busy expanding around us too! From new businesses to the nearby Ceremonial Earthworks being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Xenia has really grown over the last few years! Inspired by this, Sherry became a member of the Xenia NeXt Committee to help plan the next 10 years of growth in Xenia.

We look forward to sharing our home and town with you – stay tuned for more of our own expansion updates!